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10 Reasons why Dynamics 365 Business Central is essential for SMEs

Although it is true that since the Covid-19 pandemic many companies have embarked on digitalisation, this is still on the to-do list for many SMEs. The fear of significant financial outlay and the lack of knowledge of how useful tools like ERP are two of the main reasons that hold small and medium-sized businesses back from moving forwards as far as digitalisation is concerned. In this article, we give you 10 Reasons why Dynamics 365 Business Central is essential for SMEs.

Having a business management system which allows you to control and optimise your company’s central processes is key in making your business a success. For SMEs, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ideal solution as the combination of tools that it offers is designed to help you manage all the areas of your company, regardless of its size, integrating and connecting the processes as a result.

The deployment of an ERP solution such as Dynamics 365 Business Central in your business will provide major benefits for your company.


Centralisation of information

Centralising all your company’s data and processes and having them all on a single platform will help you to manage any activity much more quickly, whilst avoiding mistakes and sharing the information with all the departments affected.


Easy to use

Dynamics 365 Business Central has a very simple, intuitive platform that allows employees to carry out actions quickly, without extensive training.


Reduction of costs and time

Automation of processes, improvement in efficiency and accurate administration of levels of resources means a reduction in costs generally, both in terms of time and resources.


Increase in productivity

Thanks to the centralisation of information and the automation of processes, it is possible to eliminate errors and duplicate processes. This means priority is given to tasks that are worth more to the company, thereby increasing productivity.


Greater connectivity

Business Central allows you to access the ERP data from any location and any device, and if we combine this with the centralisation of information in a single tool, this means that any employee can have accurate information in real time, thereby helping to optimise decision-making.



This software has been designed to evolve in accordance with your company’s present and future needs. Business Central is a solution that is easy to personalise, expand and connect to other services and applications which are already being used in your business.


Security and protection

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a comprehensive privacy and security system which helps companies to manage, store and transmit data safely. Furthermore, it also helps companies to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), allowing them to grant and restrict access to personal data on multiple levels.


Greater control of operations

Centralising all the company’s information and making it accessible from any device and location allows us to cross reference data and information across departments, thereby helping to improve communication and decision-making.


Improvement of customer relationship

Gather customer information quickly in real time carry out close monitoring of the interaction with your customers, and by doing this you can anticipate their needs.


Rapid deployment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is cloud-based, so it can be operational in a few hours. Combined with its simple interface and perfect integration into other Microsoft solutions means that installation of ERP into the business is much quicker in every sense.

It is obvious that these days having business management software is the key to success for SMEs. At we have access to over 110 Microsoft-certified partners in the UK and we will find the perfect partner for your company. Contact our consultant today.

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