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10 reasons why you should consider Dynamics 365 Business Central

Since we’ve given you an introduction to Dynamics 365 Business Central, we thought we’d follow up with some more concrete reasons why you should consider upgrading your business software.

Whether your business is using a legacy ERP system or entry-level accounting software, here are 10 reasons why Dynamics 365 Business Central should be on the shopping list for your business.

1. Expertise & Knowledge

It’s safe to say that Microsoft knows what they’re talking about.

As Microsoft Matchmakers, we should know. We’ve been sourcing the perfect Microsoft-approved partner for businesses across the UK for quite some time now!

So we can categorically say that Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest in a long line of proven business software solutions from Microsoft.

With decades of experience and millions of dollars of investments, Microsoft corner the market in technological innovation and digital transformation.

By implementing this solution, organisations can benefit from the research and development that Microsoft has put into improving efficiency across business processes across a wide range of industry sectors.

2. Implementation & Integration

Since Dynamics 365 Business Central is cloud-based, it can be ready to go within a few hours.

When you combine this swift and simple implementation with the fact that any upgrades will happen without the need for reinstallation, you’ll not only save time but money too.

It has the recognisable look and feel of other Microsoft products, so employees are likely to grasp its functionality quickly and easily.

It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions being used by the business but can also integrate easily with third-party solutions, giving users a truly 360-degree view of their processes in real time.

3. Scalable & Flexible

Businesses can mould Dynamics 365 Business Central to meet their specific needs.

While you can scale the solution to fit your current organisational structure, it couldn’t be easier to upscale when things change. Which means the system can grow at the same speed and pace as your business.

With access to industry-specific apps that can be embedded into the solution, organisations can extend and customise it to meet their own needs and compliance regulations.

4. Accuracy & Forecasting

Companies can manage their financials more effectively with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

By connecting data across accounting, sales, purchasing, stock, and customer interactions, users gain real-time insight across the whole business and improved forecasting.

Streamlining the accounts processes also allows organisations to provide customised reports on financials quickly and accurately.

5. Automation & Efficiency

Using built-in intelligence, Dynamics 365 Business Central can automate supply chain processes to maximise profitability and reduce errors in stock levels.

Predicting what to replenish and when businesses can maintain the right amount of stock and even suggest substitutes when items ate out of stock.

Payments to suppliers and overdue penalties can also be managed, ensuring that the supply chain remains profitable and error-free.

6. Value & Trust

Dynamics 365 Business Central can deliver value for businesses by prioritising sales leads based on potential revenue and suggesting opportunities for upselling, cross selling and renewals throughout the sales cycle.

With a comprehensive overview of their service tasks, workloads and employee skills companies can assign resources more effectively, allowing them to sell smarter and improve customer service.

With its Microsoft Outlook integration, it allows users to respond to sales-related enquiries, manage service requests, and process payments via email.

7. On Time & Under Budget

Dynamics 365 Business Central gives users the ability to create, manage, and track customer projects more efficiently, making their budgets easier to modify and control.

Precise management of resource levels means that a business can track both capacity and sales as well as any invoicing against planned costs.

The real-time insight that it offers also means that users across the company can make better decisions when it comes to profitability.

8. Track Transactions & Optmise Processes

By tracking every item transaction, Dynamics 365 Business Central can improve the effectiveness of order fulfilment and help businesses run their warehousing more efficiently.

Calculating optimal output levels, it allows a company to manage their manufacturing capacity and resources to improve production schedules and meet customer demands.

9. Safe & Secure

As well as helping businesses to stay compliant within their own industry’s regulations Dynamics 365 Business Central also keeps an organisation’s data safe and secure.

With automatic encryption, businesses can handle, store, and transmit data securely.

Built-in privacy methodologies can also help businesses comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), allowing them to grant and restrict access to personal data on multiple levels.

10. Saving the best until last

We couldn’t leave this list without adding a blatant plug for our own services!

With access to a wide selection of Microsoft-approved partners, the team at Dynamics 365 Providers can help you find the perfect partner expertise specific to your industry sector.

And they’ll have even more reasons why you should upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today.

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