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10 warning signs your business needs to invest in ERP

Your software is letting you down!

Depending on your industry, there will be different signs to indicate that inefficiency is affecting your business. This is your early-warning signal that it’s time to invest in a new ERP solution.

Unfortunately, it won’t always be accompanied with prominent hazard signs, men in decontamination suits or “DO NOT CROSS” tape, so it’s important that you look out for these first signs of an out-dated software system.

Luckily, we consider ourselves ERP safety surveyors, so we thought we’d share the 10 warning signs that you should look out for.

1. Warning – Different Software for different processes

Risk assessment: If you’re using multiple systems to manage different operations, you run the risk of decreasing efficiency. When you’re trying to keep up to date with tasks and orders, it’s inefficient to store the information in multiple places, leading to inaccuracies and wasted time.

Solution: An ERP system will bring together all of the functions within the business, allowing you and your staff to have the information they need in one place.

2. Warning – Creating workarounds to cover the cracks

Risk assessment: Due to either a lack of functionality or the changing requirements of your business, you’re continually developing external ways, such as spreadsheets, to compensate for the shortcomings of your software.

Solution: A good ERP system will have the scalability and functionality to support and adapt to the changing requirements of your business.

3. Warning – Existing software has come to end-of-life

Risk assessment: This generally means that the original author of the software isn’t going to invest any more time or money into further developing the software, which ultimately means that your system will become incompatible with any advancements in IT hardware. It could be that the original vendor no longer exists, either way this means that you’ll struggle to keep using the same system.

Solution: Updating to a current ERP system will ensure that your system is future proof and flexible enough to cope with any changes that might occur down the line.

4. Warning – Can't access information fast enough

Risk assessment: If your business stores information across different systems and spreadsheets, it can be difficult to get access to the information you need. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that this information will be accurate, meaning that you might have to consolidate and reconcile data manually, resulting in delays. Customers want fast responses to their enquiries; therefore you need to ensure your staff has access to information immediately in order to offer accurate, speedy replies.

Solution: An ERP system holds real-time information that is visible across the company.

5. Warning – Reporting has become time consuming

Risk assessment: If it’s taking you an increased amount of time to create a report then your system is probably struggling to store all of its data; and time is money!

Solution: Investing in an ERP system that can handle the amount of data you need to store will increase efficiency.

6. Warning – Support costs increasing

Risk assessment: As your system gets older, your supplier will probably start to increase the cost of supporting the older technology. This is often a way of getting you to switch systems but could also mean that your software will not be supported at all.

Solution: Replace your old, outdated software with a shiny new ERP system.

7. Warning – System speed decreasing

Risk assessment: As your business grows, there is increased pressure on your system due to the amount of data and transactions that it has to manage. If your system does not have the capacity to grow with your company then it’s likely that you’ll experience more system crashes and much slower response times to your requests.

Solution: An up-to-date ERP system will have the flexibility to adapt and grow alongside your business.

8. Warning – Lack of mobility

Risk assessment: If you’re using an old legacy system, then you won’t be able to work remotely and will be limited to only working in the office; nobody wants that!

Solution: Modern ERP systems can be deployed in a number of ways, including cloud deployment, which allows you to access and manage information remotely through mobile devices.

9. Warning – Absence of industry-specific functionality

Risk assessment: Since the days of legacy systems, there’s been an increased development in the functionality of modern ERP. All systems now have a minimum standard of functionality that you would expect and need to run a business in just one application.

Solution: Speak to a partner with specific knowledge in your industry, since they will be able to offer a system with functionality unique to your business needs.

10. Warning – Unable to keep up with business growth

Risk assessment: Any successful business has dreams of growth, but sometimes software doesn’t meet those ambitions. The growth of your business will mean an increase in clients and transactions, which means an increase in workloads and the number of staff employed. Your business needs to manage this transition with ease, but if your software isn’t up to the task then it’s at risk of going into overload.

Solution: With the right ERP system, you’ll be able to grow your business with ease.

Of course, we understand that switching software isn’t an easy process. You need to think carefully about whether it’s the right move for you, and whether you can get a profitable return on your investment. If you’ve seen any of the software warning signs, then get in touch. We’ll analyse the warning signs and find you the perfect ERP solution.

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