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5 key questions to ask before choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner

Choosing the right partner to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your company is vital for your company’s goals to be met. That is why before choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, you should ask yourself these 5 key questions.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner

It is clear that any business that wants to make its processes more efficient and become a leading company, needs to implement an ERP in its system. It is also clear that Microsoft Dynamics 365 ranks first in business technology solutions. However, like any ERP, its implementation is a complex system that must be carried out carefully, and is much better done through a professional.

Choosing the right partner or solution provider that takes care of the acquisition, implementation and initial configuration of the ERP is essential. It is important to assess the aspects to be fulfilled by the partner and the consultants advising and implementing the projects. To help you, we have come up with these five key questions to ask yourself before you decide.


What is their level of certification?

Microsoft implements a rigorous and demanding evaluation and training process when certifying its partners. Each partner has silver or gold certification depending on their experience in selling products in this range, and the number of professionals trained and certified by Microsoft. That is why, during the selection process, it is important to ensure that the partner is certified and, if they are, knowing their level and speciality is also very important.


How long will implementation take?

There are a number of factors that influence the duration of the implementation process and there is no standard time frame. Typically, the implementation of an ERP project takes between 6 months and 2 years. The size of the company, the complexity of the system to be deployed, the expected concurrent users, the number of independent instances to be established and the transfer or integration of data from legacy systems, are some of the things that influence implementation time. Choosing a partner that has a high degree of knowledge in our type of business, and that is well trained in the ERP system that we are going to install, is essential in order for the implementation not to take longer than necessary.


Do you offer technical support to help me with questions and issues?

It is normal for problems to arise with the software over time, whether big or small, so it is essential to hire a partner that guarantees a long-term relationship to solve and help us with any glitches that may occur.


What will the training be like?

Many of the issues that occur with the ERP system can be resolved without requiring recourse to the support system. This requires the company to have sufficient autonomy and knowledge to be able to solve such problems. This can only be achieved through good partner training and access to relevant resources during the ERP implementation process.


Is there an upgrade guarantee?

Technology is advancing at a dizzying pace, and if there is one thing that characterises Microsoft, it is its ability to constantly renew itself. During the time that you use Microsoft Dynamics 365, there will probably be several updates to the software. In order to keep up-to-date with the tool, you need the partner implementing the service to also include a product consultancy service, and be up-to-date with each new development.

Hiring a partner to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a determining factor if you want to take your company to the next level. Taking your time and asking yourself these questions before choosing the right partner to suit the specificities, needs and requirements of your new business management system, is essential.

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