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6 Keys to find a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner for ERP solutions

The installation of effective Business Management Software is nowadays an essential need for those companies that want to be at the forefront of technological changes. It is no secret to anyone that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the most complete ecosystem of solutions that exists today to carry out the digital transformation of the company. This ecosystem is made up of a set of applications that support the entire Business Management Information System.

Therefore, selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner is one of the determining aspects of this business renewal process. This is because only a certified company, with the appropriate knowledge, professionals and experience can offer the level of consulting, implementation and support services required to implement Dynamics 365 effectively.

Where do I start?

Due to this, the choice of the supplier is the most important decision to evaluate aspects that the partner and the consultants that advise and execute the projects must comply with. For this reason, we want to share with you a series of technical criteria that you must take into account to evaluate the different alternatives and make the right decision.

Criteria for choosing the best Dynamics 365 Partner for ERP solutions:

1. Microsoft Certification Level

Microsoft implements a rigorous and demanding process of training and evaluation of partners and their professionals. In the case of ERP or CRM solutions, partners that have Silver or Gold certification have demonstrated, with figures, extensive experience in selling products in this range and that they have a certain number of trained and certified professionals as required by Microsoft. It is important to consider certifications to understand the partner’s degree of speciality and capabilities.

2. Knowledge of the specific Business Sector

The business environment is broad and diverse, each sector has its own peculiarities and characteristics. For this reason, it is convenient to find a consultant who knows the type of the business model. This will allow you to progress more quickly in the project, as well as increasing the possibility of getting more timely answers from your questions that may arise along the way.

3. Leadership and Teamwork Skills

It is not in your best interest to have an advisor who keeps important information or one who awaits your approval even in the simplest cases. You need someone who is capable of establishing working relationships based on the principles of proactivity, collaboration and creative leadership.

4. Upgrade Guarantee

If something characterises the digital world today, it is its permanent renewal at a dizzying pace; what is the latest news today, is most likely totally obsolete tomorrow. If something characterises Microsoft, it is its ability to constantly renew itself, therefore, you need a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant that is up-to-date with each new addition.

5. Permanent Support

Following the previous point, the work does not end with the installation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, but extends over time, given that by nature, small or large problems will arise in the software at the most unexpected moment. Hence, it is essential to hire someone to guarantee a long-term relationship to solve any mishaps.

6. History – What do the Previous Customers say?

They say that experience is not transferable, to which we can add that prestige is undeniable. These are two aspects that are reliable evidence about the professional performance of a Partner in any sector. One of the most reliable strategies when evaluating such aspects is inquiring about the relationship they have established with their previous clients, the level of satisfaction they have achieved, and the speed of the solutions. Asking around will save a lot of time in the long run if it’s not the right fit!

Get the Ideal Partner to start the renovation of your Company:

As you can see, hiring a Microsoft Partner is a determining aspect if you want to take your company to a higher level. Take your time and apply the key criteria to get a Dynamics 365 Partner that adapts to the particularities, needs and requirements of your new Business Management System. Remember that at, we are specialists in connecting companies interested in implementing the Dynamics ERP solution with the Dynamics 365 Partner that best suits the needs and profile of the company, since we have:

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– Completely free introductory partner service.

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