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Dynamics 365 Business Central License Prices

There are different licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In this blog, we will tell you some of the key features, so that when you purchase this powerful Business Management tool, you can adapt it to the different needs, size and objectives of your company.

Initially, licenses are divided into two main groups:

Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise: This type of license is where the software is installed on physical servers owned by the company or its supplier.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud: Also known as ERP in the cloud, this is when the software is managed on cloud servers and can be installed in the customer’s or supplier’s cloud. The price is paid per user per month as Software as a Service.

What are the different License types?

Once you have decided as a company whether you want to install Business Central On-Premise or in the Cloud, you have to analyse the types of Dynamics 365 Business Central Licenses required by the type of user. There are 2 types of Full Users in Business Central, Premium and Essentials. In additional, you have 2 types complementary licenses, Team Members and Device Users.

Below, we will go through what they consist of, their prices and characteristics:

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential Licenses

This license is aimed at all those companies that don’t have Manufacturing or Service Order Capabilities. Below, we have listed the functions that the Essentials License includes:

Complete Financial Management: Budgeting, treasury, payment of suppliers, administration of fixed assets, procedures related to auditing, creation and administration of bank accounts.

Sales & Purchases Management: Customer interaction, payment / collection system, portfolio management, monitoring of marketing campaigns, segmentation of the target audience and customer database.

Supply and Inventory Management: Order fulfilment and monitoring, stock registration and organization, stock variation, order delivery and returns.

Human Resources Management: Updated record of the payroll of employees according to the variables that are required, staff training and education, management of expenses and reimbursements to staff, hours and vacations.

Warehouse Management: Control of warehouses, locations, pickings.

Project management: Thoroughly monitor ongoing projects, including timesheets and job costing.


    On Premise Essentials License: This license starts from a cost of £1,341 per user.

    Cloud Essentials License: The SaaS licence starts from a cost of £52.80 per user per month.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium Licenses

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Premium License, the user not only has access to all the functions that the Essentials Licence offers, but also access to:

Service Administration: This is one of the key aspects to have an effective and safe customer service system. It allows companies to track the conversion rate in any of its phases, including after-sales service. It also has key performance indicators to measure and evaluate the level of customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing/Production Administration: The Premium License also allows to control the different elements and phases that intervene in the production line, calculations of the demand for raw material and semi-finished products, capacity control of the work centres and machines, management of the resources, bottlenecks, production on demand, order and MRP budgeting, among others.


    On Premise Premium License: This license starts from a cost of £1,878 per user.

    Cloud Premium License: The SaaS licence starts from a cost of £75.40 per user per month.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Team Member Licenses

The Team Member License is one aimed those users who primarily require assigned data query and reporting capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Additionally, the Team Member user has access to the following functionalities:

– Complete simple tasks such as exporting the platform data to Excel

– Update data from existing records and specific information.

– Approve or reject tasks in the workflows assigned to the user.

– Enter the time sheets for the work.

– Manage travel expenses.

– You can use the PowerApps app for Dynamics 365.


    On Premise Team Member License: This license starts from a cost of £268 per user.

    Cloud Team Member License: The SaaS licence starts from a cost of £6 per user per month.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Additional User Device Licenses

Finally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has the option of an Additional Users Device License, which consists of an unlimited number of users accessing the same device through independent logins to carry out device sharing functionalities.

So What Next?

Finally, it is important to work with your trusted Microsoft Partner to select the appropriate licenses that your company requires according to your needs and workflows. This is why, at, we are focused on helping you find the best Microsoft Partner based on your own characteristics and business industry.

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