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Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions

Today, the way in which customer relationships are managed is a latent concern for many companies, as fulfilling the wishes and requirements of customers represents a huge amount of work in communication channels. At the same time, every company has had to ensure that its customers and itself benefit from one situation or another, but how does a company achieve this? How can they manage to reduce internal costs without neglecting customer service? It is possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365’s different CRM solutions, as they can deliver a tailor-made solution for each company.

Dynamics 365 CRM integration for businesses

Microsoft Dynamics 365 used to be talked about as a single CRM package. Over the years this has changed and now there are CRM modules that can be changed and adapted according to the needs of each company. There are many modules, but undoubtedly one of the most interesting and insightful is the Customer Engagement Plan, a standard CRM solution that also offers operational support for companies with field staff, or those working on a project basis. In addition, they offer a self-learning system with AI for automated customer service.

Some of the advantages of Dynamics 365 CRM for a company are:



Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based system, so it can be accessed from anywhere. In addition, it is multi-device. For example, in the case of CRM, you can be on the street and conclude a sale from your mobile device, as it allows you to upload information to the CRM and update data across the ecosystem in real time.



One really appealing thing about Microsoft Dynamics 365 in CRM solutions is that you can pick and choose what you need; for example, if you only want an application for selling or for customer service, fine. It has the potential for this and much more, so the final cost-benefit ratio will be incredible.


Business intelligence

Power BI and Cortana are two business intelligences included in the platform that offer the possibility of helping your employees to identify new opportunities. You can also use pre-defined KPIs to map the customer journey, with real-time updates. You can even customize the shopping experience for each shopper.


Other benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is also able to transform the way customer data is handled, as you can easily break down those communication barriers for information for working together thanks to the Microsoft Common Data Model, a shared database for businesses.

No Internet? No problem, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM does not limit access to your customer information, as the software makes a local copy of the information.

Full integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Dynamics CRM is one of the features that works best in the new Microsoft apps, as it manages to simplify work for companies, with the possibility of choosing the solutions that best adapt to the occasion. Therefore, companies can start with one or more CRM modules if they wish:

Artificial Intelligence in Dynamics 365 CRM:

This is able to create a plan to recognize patterns of customer behavior and data better and better and make decisions based on this.

Dynamics 365 Sales:

This solution does not replace the role of the salesperson, but it does offer a centralized platform for information on all leads: information at the right time, to do the right thing.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service:

A solution for managing an advanced customer service, which does not generate higher costs and complies as a CRM module.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

this facilitates the transition of potential customers between the different marketing and sales departments.

Dynamics 365 Field Service:

this optimises the scheduling of resources and preparation of technicians to provide field services.

These are the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions that can be implemented in a company. The importance here lies in customization and the needs of the occasion, as each module is able to adapt to the current level of data, either to sell or to optimise customer service.

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