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Dynamics 365 integration with Microsoft Teams

Due to the market demand for versatility and the tendency towards multidisciplinary teams, these days in companies there is often collaboration between departments to find solutions to the business’s problems. On most occasions, not all the departments can access the same records or data and this can lead to a series of delays and difficulties for the team.

Thanks to the integration of Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365, we can invite anybody from the organisation to access any records we want in Dynamics 365 through the Teams workflow at no extra cost. This means we can speed up the workflow and find efficient solutions.

The integration of Dynamics 365 and Teams is based on the following key pillars:

  • Problem-free collaboration: using the Teams chat or channel, we can invite anybody in our organisation to access and contribute to the Dynamics 365 records.
  • Increase in productivity: you can meet, chat, call and collaborate with the whole organisation using Teams.
  • Integrate experiences: you can increase audience participation during and after events on multiple channels with attractive content and recommendations.

Why integrate Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365

These are the main characteristics which come with the integration of Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365 to aid data transfer from Dynamics to Teams.

In Dynamics 365

Participating in the Teams chat:

You can participate in a conversation in the Teams chat from Dynamics 365 while you are working on a record.

Linking Dynamics 365 records with Teams channels:

You can easily connect a Dynamics 365 record to an existing Teams channel or create a new team or channel.

Integrated Teams calls:

Employees can make and receive Teams calls directly through Dynamics 365. This way the need to change application is avoided, calls can be automatically registered on the timeline of the corresponding record and call notes can be stored directly where you need them.

Integrating meetings on Dynamics 365 and Teams:

The integration of meetings on Microsoft Teams allows you stay in the workflow, whether it is in Dynamics 365 or Teams. In Dynamics 365, you can create and join meetings in Teams directly from Dynamics 365.

In Microsoft Teams

Show a record or visit on a tab:

A Dynamics 365 record or a visit can be added to a Teams channel as tabs.

Integration of files:

Thanks to integration, it is possible to work in co-authorship on Microsoft 365 documents and synchronise them automatically with the Dynamics 365 records that are linked to a Teams channel.

Personal dashboard:

Through Dynamics 365 you can configure and the Teams personal dashboard.

Working with Dynamics 365 records in a Teams meeting:

With the integration of Microsoft Teams meetings, you can:
– See and update Dynamics 365 records in a Teams meeting without any problems.
– Capture notes and tasks during a Teams meeting without any problems.
– Get call information and analysis in real time during a Teams meeting with conversation intelligence.

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