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Frequently asked questions about ERP

Implementing an ERP solution in your company will bring many benefits to your business, helping you advance in efficiency and competitiveness. But, while assessing the acquisition of this software, it is normal that many queries arise. That’s why we’ve grouped together the most frequently asked questions that you may have about an ERP, so as to make your decision a little easier.


Does my company need an ERP?

Having a business management system (ERP) that allows you to control and optimise the central processes of your company is crucial to ensure that a business, whether consolidated or in rapid growth, is successful. However, it is possible that the nature of the activity, the volume of the business or the budget available may not justify the implementation of an ERP solution, so consulting a specialised company, in order to be 100% sure from the beginning, is ideal when making this type of decision.


What is the best ERP for my business?

Selecting the best ERP for your business may not be an easy task, as there is no perfect solution. There is a wide variety of software on the market, so when choosing which ERP to implement you must make sure that its use will lead to improvements with respect to the systems you have in place in your company, and that it will help to improve management processes.


How important is the partner in the implementation of an ERP?

The ERP implementation process is very complex, so to avoid implementation failures and increase the chances of success, it is best to have a partner or solution provider that takes care of the acquisition, implementation and initial configuration of the ERP.


How long does the implementation of an ERP take?

There is no standard time because there are various factors that affect the duration of the implementation process such as the size of the company, the complexity of the system, the legacy system, etc. Typically, the implementation of an ERP project can take between one and six months.


Is it necessary to make a major investment?

As is the case with the duration of the implementation, the investment also depends on many aspects. Consultancy, which is usually about half the cost of the project, the number of licences, the purchase of appropriate hardware and the cost of maintenance, are usually included in the budget. When choosing the best ERP, it is important to bear in mind that it is an investment in the future, so it is not so much the cost of its implementation that should be taken into account, rather the advantages that it can bring to the company.


Is it better to have a cloud or server-based ERP?

Both versions have different features, and the choice you make will depend largely on how well they meet your company’s needs. The cloud option is generally recommended as it is much more secure.


Is preparation prior to implantation necessary?

Before starting the implementation process, a team comprising members from all departments should be assembled to develop the project plan, and to assess which processes can be improved or automated with the new ERP system, and define the objectives of the implementation. In addition, a list of all the tasks that each department has to carry out should be prepared and organised according to workflows.


Is it possible to change the ERP?

Yes, changing partners is possible and is usually a simple task. With tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 it is as simple as filling out a document with your approval and sending it to Microsoft.

These, and probably many others, are the questions that will arise as you assess whether your company should implement business management software. From Dynamics 365 partners we provide assistance to our customers to help define whether it is the right time to introduce your company to the Dynamics world, and to identify the right partner to help you with the implementation of the ERP.

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