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How Much Does It Cost to Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and What Should Be Considered?

Carrying out the migration or implementation of an ERP system—such as Microsoft Dynamics 365—in your company is a process that presents a series of challenges for any company. It is clear that these types of solutions provide great benefits for the business in terms of time, efficiency and costs, but how much does it cost to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and what should we take into account?

Costs of Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365

The final price of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is subject to many different factors: the version, the number of users, or the features of the software that workers need to perform their job functions.

Microsoft has a fixed license price for almost all available Dynamics applications and also has “plans”, which are different fixed combinations of applications. Each plan or app purchased separately is licensed for one full user. If you need more, they can be added later.

These licenses are public on its website and we can see that the costs range from €59/month per user in its Essentials version to just over €84/month per user in the Premium version. These licenses can be purchased directly from Microsoft, but keep in mind that these plans and applications are developed for the widest possible audience and are not intended for specific industries or companies.

The process of implementing an ERP is very complex and represents a transcendental change in the company’s planning and work system. To avoid failures in the implementation and increase the chances of success, the most appropriate thing is to have a partner or solution provider that offers you a specific Dynamic 365 solution for your company and is in charge of the acquisition, implementation and initial configuration of the ERP.

When determining the costs of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a partner, it will be the implementation time and the complexity of the migration or configuration in the company’s system that will make the price increase or decrease. It is also important to take into account the requirements of the company in terms of maintenance and support as they can increase costs.

What we must take into account to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365

As we have seen, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a wide variety of prices that can be kept limited or increased, depending on the type of license that we acquire, the requirements of our company and the extras requested from the partner that is hired for the implementation. However, the price should not be a company’s main priority, but rather the ROI that the ERP implementation will offer us.

The initial investment may have a high cost, but the investment will be justified if, after studying the costs of the current work method and comparing it with those of Dynamics 365, the long-term savings that the implementation of this software entails are greater and it helps reduce costs and time in our company.

At Dynamics 365 Partners, our expert consultants will guide you concerning any doubts you may have regarding implementation and its costs and we will advise you when choosing the ideal partner for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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