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How to change Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

There are many reasons why you may be dissatisfied with your partner, perhaps you don’t agree with the current conditions, you find the price too high or the support has too many shortcomings. If you want to change your partner and you have any questions, read this article and we will tell you how to change your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner.

What is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner?

The installation and maintenance of a business management software tool is not an easy task, that’s why you need a certified company to introduce this kind of tool into your business, with the appropriate knowledge, professionals and experience, that can offer you consultancy services, implementation and support at the right level to execute this kind of project with excellence.

These types of companies are called partners. They are not all the same and do not all work in the same way, so it is normal that sometime after choosing a partner, you are not satisfied and decide to change it.

Can I change my partner whenever I want?

The first question that will surely arise when you consider changing partners is whether you can do so whenever you want. The answer is: yes.

Switching Microsoft partners is as simple as filling out a document and sending it to Microsoft. In a few days you will be notified that the change has been successfully completed and that’s it! You have made the change.

The advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics tools, both ERP and CRM, is that they do not tie you to any specific partner, and when requesting the migration, you do not need to notify the change to the previous partner, rather it is the distributor who is responsible for requesting the necessary data.

Steps to follow when changing partners

To avoid staying with a partner you are not satisfied with, you should take your time, be thorough and follow the steps below:

Decide whether a change of partner is worthwhile

Before carrying out any formalities, ask yourself whether the shortcomings and situations that have led you to consider the change are sufficient to go through with the change, or whether it is worthwhile reconciling with your current partner. This is a decision for the future, because in choosing a partner we are looking for a long-lasting and fruitful relationship that will help us in the long term.

Carry out a thorough search

You should choose the partner that best meets your business needs. Take your time, look at different options, interview several partners and get as much information about them as possible.

Ask for a detailed diagnosis

Once you have chosen a partner and made an appointment, you should ask them to design the most appropriate strategy according to your business needs. This way you will confirm whether it is the partner that you really need. This will help you avoid making the mistakes of the past and boost your company’s performance.

Formalise the change

Once you have decided on a partner, all you have to do is fill out a document to make the final switch and send it to Microsoft. You do not have to inform your previous partner about the change, as Microsoft will send them an email telling them about the change and your new distributor will ask for the necessary data.

The worldwide network of Microsoft Dynamics partners is extensive, the change and the decisions to be made can seem overwhelming and it is therefore normal that, if you are considering changing your Microsoft partner, and you have many doubts. But you should not be overwhelmed, we will guide you through all your doubts with our expert consultants and we will advise you to define the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 software solution and introduce you to the ideal partner to help you do it.

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