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Microsoft Power BI integration with Dynamics 365

The Power BI data visualization system allows you to generate any type of report or statement, from any area of your company, quickly and easily by visualizing data. This system can be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to convert company data into useful knowledge to guarantee results. The main appeal of this tool is the ability to create customizable reports and dashboards with the KPIs and charts generated by your company, and thus convert a large amount of data into information that is understandable for any operator.

The integration of Power BI in Dynamics 365 is the ideal solution for companies that want to be able to view all the information of their clients or potential clients at a glance. With Power BI, tasks that previously involved certain teams and certain complexities are now made easier, even to the point of integrating data from different companies in the same report.

How to integrate Power BI into Dynamics 365

There are a few tasks that need to be performed before you can start using Power BI with Dynamics 365.


Get a Power BI account.

Go to To register you will need to use your work email address and password. Registration requires a license.


Get Power BI Desktop

You will need to download Power BI Desktop on the web.


Connect Dynamics 365 data to Power BI

To connect Dynamics data to Power BI, you will need to use an API or OData web services.


Enable Power BI integration (on-premise only)

You will need to set up Dynamics 364 on-premise to integrate Power BI.

For Power BI integration in Dynamics 365, there are three types of roles, depending on what you want to do:

Business user

You will be able to view Power BI reports, either in the Power BI service or in Business Central.


Controls and configures how Business Central and Power BI work.

Report Creator

You will be able to create custom Power BI reports that you can share with other users.

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