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Power BI with Business Central

Microsoft Power BI is the perfect ally for generating any type of report from any area of your company, quickly, easily and, even better, it automates practically all the data thanks to the interconnection of different data sources. With this power, you can make decisions in near real-time and share any type of report with any member of your company at the touch of a button.

Power BI also integrates seamlessly with Business Central, making it extremely easy to create complex dashboards and reports based on your business data.

And of course, it follows that Power BI is a much more powerful alternative to the entire reporting system integrated into Business Central, so that tasks that used to involve certain teams and complexities are now made easier, even to the point of integrating data from different companies into a single report.

To make this even clearer, we are going to tell you about several functions for working with Business Central and Power BI. Some things can be done from Power BI, while other things would be done from Business Central. Here is a table taken directly from the Microsoft services website where everything is defined.

View Business Central data in Power BI

You can view your data from Business Central in reports in Power BI. Business Central online includes some predefined Power BI reports. Or your organisation may have made some custom reports available to you.

View Power BI reports in the Business Central client.

Power BI reports that display Business Central data can be embedded directly into Business Central parts pages. You can change the part to display any report that is available to you.

Create reports and dashboards in Power BI that display Business Central data.

Use Power BI Desktop to create your own reports and dashboards. You can publish the reports in your own Power BI service or share them with others in your organisation.

Business Central applications in Power BI

Business Central publishes three applications for Power BI on Microsoft AppSource. These applications create detailed reports and dashboards in your Power BI service to view data from Business Central. Available applications include: Dynamics 365 Business Central – CRM Dynamics 365 Business Central – Finance Dynamics 365 Business Central – Sales

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