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The Microsoft CRM Solution.

Knowing a customer is a key factor for any company. It allows you to anticipate needs and optimise profitability, as well as increase sales and personalise advertising campaigns or actions involving contact with your customers or leads.

All this process can be taken to a higher level thanks to Microsoft CRM. But what are its advantages and what makes it stand out from the rest?

Find out below.

Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365.

Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 is a software designed to manage customer relations in 4 basic areas:

  1. – Sales management.
  2. – Marketing.
  3. – After-sales service or customer service.
  4. – Attraction and conversion of leads to customers

The tool that Dynamics 365 offers as CRM aims to centralise in a single database all interactions between a company and its customers or leads.

For example, phone calls, emails, chats and all kinds of conversational content are recorded and simplified to improve their individual analysis, in order to create a file for the customer concerned. This file is accessible to all departments and, in addition, internal notes can be placed on the content or appointments can be scheduled with dates and assigned to any member of the team. In addition, this file can be adapted to the needs of each company, such as generating an agenda for user behaviour or monitoring and automating processes based on the previous operations the customer has carried out with the company.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM also creates the necessary infrastructure to form a link between all departments, so that everyone can access the data without restrictions and provide data according to their areas to complement the customer file. What’s more, it does this from various business angles, which simplifies internal communication and leaves no tasks unattended. As a result:

Productivity increases by means of an integrated database

All members have access to the same database, eliminating the need for meetings and unnecessary emails and calls requesting customer information from other departments.

Sales increase

Thanks to the monitoring of the sales and activities of each customer and to the automatisms that can be programmed from the outset of the company-customer relationship, achieving a personalised and more effective service, strengthening the levers necessary to increase the volume of sales.

Organisation of customer-related data

Goodbye to files, agendas and other physical options. Thanks to CRM software, everything is available in digital format, which is also automatically and constantly updated with each company-customer interaction.


Any startup or SME that wants to survive and improve must manage a list of regular customers and keep it up-to-date while updating and improving their loyalty and marketing campaigns.

Improved productivity

Knowing the portfolio of customers and their needs and interactions with them is key to improving production. CRM stores all this information so that you can run personalised campaigns to meet the demands of each individual customer.

And an improved image of the company: While this is not a factor produced by the Software itself, it is a direct consequence of improved customer management and ensuring a complete record of their activities.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a CRM compared with the competition

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has all the advantages of any CRM plus the added benefit of the Dynamics 365 Suite.

Multiple devices in the cloud

Many CRMs are on-premise models, i.e. installed on a company’s internal servers. Dynamics 365 works as an SaaS, so you can access it from anywhere, with any device and at any time worldwide.


Thanks to Azure technology, access and data management runs with adaptive protocols according to the needs of your company, also providing programmable backups.


Unlike other CRMs that require you to purchase a full license, Dynamics 365 comes with a subscription model in which you only pay for what you use. In this way you reduce costs by not subscribing to tools you won’t use.

Rapid deployment

Microsoft CRM is designed to be installed and used quickly, with a very intuitive interface that does not require as much expertise as other CRM solutions on the market.

Integrated technical service

Server maintenance, software updates or bug fixes are taken care of by the Microsoft team.

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