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What Is Machine Learning and How Does Dynamics 365 Apply It?

Thanks to technological advances, ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 are becoming more analytical and intelligent, thus helping companies to manage their processes more efficiently. One such new technology that has been integrated with ERPs is machine learning.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning (or automatic learning) is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems, through different algorithms, can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

The goal of machine learning is to search for patterns within large volumes of data, analyze them and draw conclusions, thus managing to predict future behavior, which is called predictive data analysis.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apply Machine Learning?

Companies often accumulate huge amounts of data with information from their customers and the company itself. This data, properly organized and processed in blocks, can generate a database that machine learning will use to predict future behaviors, favor those that improve business goals and avoid those that are harmful.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 business management system relies on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) to improve decision-making. Thanks to this ERP, all the relevant data for your company’s activity is collected in a database, which allows the time it takes to obtain analysis or search results to be reduced, as it is displayed in real-time. If we add to this the use of applications such as machine learning, the system can recognize which data is relevant for each context and thus create a predictive analysis of the data that will help us make decisions.

Benefits of using machine learning in your ERP

Real-time data analysis:

ERPs have a centralized database that allows real-time analysis to be carried out, crossing information between departments. Access to your company’s global database will allow the application to create an exhaustive and accurate analysis, thus improving the company’s strategic decisions.

Predict customer needs

The analysis of information that we obtain from all the activities carried out by our clients allows machine learning to establish patterns, trends and interests of clients. In this manner, it will help us predict and balance our production volume, reinforce certain processes and thus discover new opportunities for our business.

Reduce costs and increase productivity:

The amount of information obtained thanks to predictive data analysis will help fine-tune processes, which can save the company money, time and effort.

Competitive advantage:

With this type of software we will be able to extract very valuable information from the data that we currently have in our company and thus make high-value predictions to make better decisions and develop better business actions. In this way, the workflow will be optimized in all the steps of the organization, giving us an advantage over our competitors.

As you have seen, having an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365, which uses machine learning functions, is a fundamental tool to help your business be more productive and competent in the market.

If you are thinking of introducing business management software in your business, at Dynamics 365 partners we will help you define what type of software you need and identify the right partner for its implementation.

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