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Why switch from MS Navision to Dynamics 365?

As was to be expected, Microsoft has decided to take a decisive step to launch a new era in the development of business management software. And to achieve this it has used its already successful Dynamics NAV as a basis. So if you are a current Navision user then you should be aware of this: Dynamics 365 Business Central is here!

The turning point was 31 March 2019, when Microsoft officially launched its new tool to extend and strengthen the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. This renewal involves a set of actions on the part of small and medium-sized companies to adapt to the new Microsoft ERP.

This type of change often raises doubts and a sense of uncertainty in those who already used the popular Navision. It is common for many to wonder ‘why migrate from MS Navision to Business Central?’ What are the benefits and risks?

Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you all about it in this post.

5 Reasons to migrate from Dynamics Nav to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The fact is that it is not a choice but a necessity for all Microsoft Navision users. It is important to know that just to simplify migration processes, Microsoft will allow NAV customers to continue buying users for the next 5 years and will only upgrade some of the latest versions providing support for 5 years and extended support (security only) for 10 years. So, the question is not about choosing between NAV or Business Central but about staying in the past or taking a step into the future.

However, it shouldn’t be that difficult to decide, you just need to know the benefits of Dynamics 365 for businesses and you won’t have to think twice about it. Let’s get to know some of the benefits of Microsoft’s new ERP:


Your business in the cloud

One of the main investments of Microsoft in recent years has been its shift towards cloud services or cloud hosting, although it also offers the On-Premise service. Through Microsoft Azure Business Central, all data is hosted on a server that meets all cybersecurity and accessibility requirements. The possibility of accessing business information from any device and from anywhere in the world is a tangible reality to support the collaboration, interaction and mobile management of companies.


Full integration: everything in the same software

A key benefit of migrating to Business Central is integration with the sophisticated suite of tools and applications that Microsoft has developed. This gives you access to comprehensive business process management through the use of tools such as Power BI, Power App and Microsoft Flow. In addition, Business Intelligence has been incorporated, bringing together a set of applications to support the increasingly smart management of companies.


Continuous updating

While software updates are not alien to any of the products in the Microsoft environment, in the case of Dynamics 365 Business Central they will be automatic thanks to cloud technology. So you can forget forever about the headaches (and payouts) caused by the emergence of new versions. It also represents an important step towards simplifying the maintenance of the platform.


Unprecedented usability, scalability and customization

The customization possibilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central are unlimited because it has a permissions system that allows the interface to be adapted according to the requirements of each user. One of the benefits of this freedom is greater autonomy in the administration and configuration of the different tools. Likewise, the new ERP allows each company to incorporate the applications according to its particular needs, contributing both to its profitability and its usability.


New licensing scheme

The licensing mode also changes with Business Central, becoming simpler and adapting to the needs of each user. Therefore, there are two types of users: Full users and Additional users, whose functionalities and permissions are adapted to their functions within the company. The advantage is that additional users have a very low cost.

Still not sure?

As you can see, all the Nav Microsoft functionalities that we already know have undergone considerable improvements to contribute more intelligently to the automation and optimisation of business processes.

Take the first step to migration and enjoy the many benefits of Dynamics 365 for business. If you have any questions or would like us to help you review the possibilities of migrating, contact us now .

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