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Health Shield

Cash Plan provider increased customer service and productivity using NAV.

The Business Need/Challenge

As a growing organisation, Health Shield wanted and needed to move away from their paper-based processes, use of spreadsheets and disparate databases, in order to offer an improved customer experience.

The main reason for the review was to find a solution that would help to improve and streamline processes, in order to give employees more time to carry out their main tasks. Also, with a paper-based system there was an increased likelihood of inaccurate data, increased costs and wasted resources.

With ambitions for growth, they initiated a review of ERP to bring all of these processes together.

The Solution

Having reviewed a number of applications, Health Shield selected a combination of Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM to support their growth plans, and chose Tisski as their preferred Microsoft partner to supply, install and support both applications.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV was installed to be the backbone of the organisation and manage the accounts, cases and health plans of both customers and members. The solution allowed them to automate all processes, connect all departments through a single database, and streamline the time it took to complete tasks. All of this led to increased levels of customer service and productivity.

The Benefits


Increased accuracy of and access to key data

By replacing their spreadsheets and paper process with NAV & CRM, Health Shield have increased the accuracy of data, giving access to all departments.


Time & Cost savings

NAV & CRM has helped the company to noticeably reduce the amount of time spent on tasks, and also proved cost effective by limiting the need for paper.


Meeting targets

The combination of CRM & NAV has allowed the company to meet their target of paying 90% of claims within 2 days.


Flexible and scalable

With the continued growth and future ambition of the company, the flexible scalability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM will support them through these changes.

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