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Manufacturing businesses need software that supports the many challenges they face in today’s global market.

Outdated systems often have limited functionality, leaving manufacturers struggling with:

  • A limited overview of business performance
  • Lots of manual tracking across several spreadsheets
  • Poor inventory management on low cost accounting software
  • Risky management of different processes on different systems

We work with manufacturing businesses to identify the best Dynamics 365 solution for their needs

Our experienced consultants have a deep and sympathetic understanding of the challenges facing manufacturing businesses and will match you with the most suitable partner for your company needs.

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    Our expert Microsoft Business Software Consultants provide trusted advice to help you find the right software solution.

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    We will advise on struggles with specific functions and provide assistance to help manufacturers efficiently meet their top priorities.

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    Finally, we’ll match you with the most suitable partner to integrate and implement a manufacturing ERP solution for your company, helping you to get more value from your Dynamics 365 production management software.

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Blaize Marshall-Purves Microsoft Business Software Consultant Call: +44 (0) 1443 803 713 Find a partner

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you manufacturing business

How Dynamics 365 can revolutionise the manufacturing industry

Microsoft created Dynamics 365 with efficiency in mind. To support manufacturing businesses in tackling the countless challenges of a global business environment, Dynamics 365 breaks down the barriers between ERP and CRM systems and unifies them into one multifaceted solution.

The rich analytics and intelligence embedded in Dynamics 365 tools allows manufacturers to manage the ever-evolving demands of customers, suppliers and distributors more efficiently. By placing a cohesive end-to-end solution at your fingertips, Dynamics 365 provides manufacturers with the tools you need to manage all aspects of your manufacturing business from a unified platform.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can uniformly improve processes across all areas of your organisation at a scale and pace best suited for your business. And since, in manufacturing terms, streamlined processes mean increased productivity and time saved, the Dynamics 365 solutions will positively impact your bottom line.

Transform your business by introducing Dynamics 365, designed to help manufacturing companies:

Optimise operational efficiencies

Simplify processes and reduce waste

Consistently deliver high standards

Keep customers happy with consistently high quality and compliant products

Unlock new commercial opportunities

Gain in-depth insights into your manufacturing process to locate cost savings and opportunities for business growth

Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications for the Manufacturing sector

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Is designed to provide businesses with an all-in-one management solution which streamlines workflow and nurtures growth.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Helps you increase revenue by better understanding and engaging customers to form strong relationships.

Dynamics 365 for Talent

Gives you the power to achieve impactful results by hiring, onboarding and retaining the best talent in your industry.

Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations

Provides a comprehensive, unified view of financials and operations which empowers organisations to make fast, informed decisions and drive business growth.

Here are just some of the ways implementing Dynamics 365 ERP systems will transform your manufacturing business:

All aspects of your business, under one roof

By connecting your business end-to-end and integrating key departments, Dynamics 365 helps you streamline all operations and increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes. Doing away with disjointed management of projects and processes will make your business more agile and better positioned for growth.

Boost work efficiency

Using cloud–delivered Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is supported with an analytics functionality, provides an excellent opportunity to give technicians a 360-degree view of information central to your operations, such as work order history, customer assets and data on previous service engagements of a similar scope.

Streamlined manufacturing process

Another benefit of the unified approach Dynamics 365 takes to process management is the detailed overview of workflows and budgets it provides manufacturers. This Microsoft tool gives you access to real-time data on all projects, broken down by order and cost.

Full inventory control

Increased visibility of your manufacturing supply chain allows you to optimise your inventory efficiently using intelligent insights to manage capacity and supply scheduling. With Dynamics 365’s flexible solutions, you have full control over all aspects of your inventory, from production orders to bills, as well as sales forecasts which allow you to predict demand and avoid shortages.

Agile customer service

Having a flexible, integrated manufacturing process also puts your business in a better position to identify opportunities and meet the demands of your customer base. Having quick access to all operations at your fingertips dramatically increases response time and gives your company a competitive advantage when dealing with customer enquiries.

It also helps you manage the manufacturing processes once an order has been placed. Dynamics 365’s manufacturing ERP gives you instant access to information about order status and delivery times, allowing you to make changes to orders at any point of the project lifecycle and simplifying your decision making process.

Increased profitability

Dynamics 365 provides you with better understanding of production costs and gives you the tools to manage workflows and budget in a way that allows you to manufacture better quality products quicker and at a lower cost.

Having automated operations processes minimises errors and frees up employee time which can be used to improve customer value. All of these positive changes are designed to transform your manufacturing business, making it more efficient and therefore more profitable.

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