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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce – the Retail Management Solution your company needs

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Dynamics 365 Commerce gives retailers the power to personalise Customer Engagement

Unifying business operations and collecting valuable insights

Retail businesses across the globe are facing similar challenges when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers. Without the best retail management solution, companies struggle to meet the growing demand for ubiquitous customer engagement.

How many of these retail management system headaches do you experience daily?

Disjointed operations impacting the insights you get into finance, stock levels and buying trends.

Making business decisions is made significantly more difficult by the lack of clear visibility over the various stages of the product cycle

Lack of reporting and analytics tools make it harder to optimize the performance of both physical and online stores

Outdated retail software often doesn’t include e-commerce and multi-channel selling, both of which are crucial to remaining competitive in the digital marketplace

Lack of insight into your audience’s needs will affect the efficiency of your customer service and impact brand loyalty

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is an end-to-end retail ERP software solution which unifies all your commerce channels and business processes under one centralised dashboard so you can easily improve customer experiences across all touch-points.

The built-in intelligence of Dynamics 365 Commerce also provides you with detailed customer behaviour data insights, empowering you to make better business decisions and create exceptional shopping experiences.

The perfect match for your Retail Management Software needs

Dynamics365 Providers helps unify commerce across all channels to create a seamless customer experience

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    Our team has years of experience matchmaking businesses with highly qualified partners from our network who specialise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. We’ll find the best partner for you based on your unique retail ERP requirements.

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    We offer guidance and support to make sure the Microsoft Retail Solution you choose enables you to digitally transform your business through improved customer insight, omnichannel e-commerce and advanced shopping trends analytics.

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    Our specialist business software consultants will advise you on how best to future-proof your business with Dynamics 365 Commerce, whether you have a retail software solution that doesn’t do it for your business any more, or you’re a first-time buyer of Microsoft retail software.

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Blaize Marshall-Purves Microsoft Business Software Consultant Call: +44 (0) 1443 803 713 Find a partner

The best retail software for small business

The Microsoft Retail Solution for small business is designed to provide SMEs with the same quality retail management system that larger companies invest in. Designed to help improve customer experience, boost efficiency and gain valuable data insights on opportunities for growth, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is the perfect retail software for small business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Pricing

Having identified the right solution for your business, it’s now time to understand the minimum investment required for your Microsoft Retail Management Software.

Costs for individual Dynamics 365 Commerce licenses start at £135.70 per user per month. If you match it with an existing Dynamics 365 product, there is the opportunity for it to be cheaper.

Support charges and service costs for your preferred Dynamics 365 partner will vary and should be considered alongside your license costs.

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How Dynamics 365 Commerce helps companies engage with their customers across shopping platforms

Retail ERP software solutions designed to digitally transform your business

Whether you’ve outgrown your current retail management software, or are looking for your first ever retail ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is just the thing your company needs. Here are just some of the ways this revolutionary software will transform your business:

Multi-Channel Marketing

This revolutionary Microsoft retail solution is tailored to help sellers deliver marketing campaigns across multiple channels as well as plan, implement and measure personalised customer content. Capitalising on detailed insights into customer buying trends, you can also identify cross-selling opportunities and create targeted promotional messaging featuring specific product categories and channels.

What’s more, the advanced analytics functionality included within Dynamics 365 Commerce enables you to review online and in-store activity, so you’re can offer bespoke product recommendations and boost customer satisfaction.

Engaging E-Commerce

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce App also comes with an omnichannel shopping functionality. This innovative feature allows retailers to create a unified experience for their customers across platforms, providing them with flexible buying opportunities and cross-channel promotions.

Designed to help you build strong customer relationships, Dynamics 365 Commerce gives sellers the opportunity to offer a seamless shopping experience across platforms and in store. As well as an increase in customer satisfaction, this will lead to growth in both revenue and brand loyalty.

Optimised Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Commerce provides sellers with valuable insights which allow them to optimise their operations by improving the use of their stock and reducing completion costs. What’s more, with a joined-up, real-time view of the entire supply chain you can make better decisions about every stage of your product life-cycle.

Microsoft Retail Solutions and the Benefits of Dynamics 365

Meet customer demands and deliver exceptional experiences.

The innovative Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Software Solution comes with all the benefits of the Dynamics 365 application family, including:

Intelligent Insights

Dynamics 365 Commerce compiles data from a number of sources across your company into easy-to-digest dashboards, enabling you to maximise the revenue of your retail operations. The in-depth insights provided in these reports also allow you to track purchases, identify up-sell opportunities and manage customer feedback, so you can optimise your offering.

Next-Generation Customer Service

The current retail market is extremely competitive and fast-paced, which means your brand needs more than just a strong product offering to stand out. With good customer service heading the list for differentiation, retail companies are investing in tools to help them create a seamless shopping experience for their consumers.

The cloud-based Microsoft Retail Solution gives your team easy access to centralised product, customer, inventory and order data from any device, enabling your sales and customer service staff to personalise their responses to queries quickly and effectively. Enriching your customer experience will encourage shoppers to revisit your brand and recommend it to others, driving loyalty in store, in call centres and online.

Integration with other Dynamics 365 Products

As part of the Dynamics 365 range, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Package can be tailored to your business needs. Using Dynamics 365 Commerce as a base, you can extend your platform with additional Dynamics 365 modules as your business grows.

Dynamics365 Providers can help you shape Dynamics 365 Commerce to your Retail Management System needs

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  • Optimised Supply Chain Management
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