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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service – the Customer Relationship Management software your company needs

Boost customer loyalty with smarter service delivery

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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service helps you cultivate strong customer relationships

Meet constantly rising Service expectations

In today’s digital environment, customers and companies are more connected than ever. And with products often no longer being the main point of difference in the busy marketplace, user experience is taking the lead as primary differentiator for many businesses.

Are you struggling to meet modern customer expectations and offer seamless service on the go? Do you lack the tools to provide a personalised experience? Is your client-facing team unable to provide timely and responsive support?

With the importance of customer service at an all-time high, we know that being able to provide an added-value, personalised interaction can make or break a brand. Working with outdated customer support software can seriously impede your client interactions and negatively affect brand loyalty.

How many of the following challenges do you encounter with your current Customer Relationship Management software?

  • Lack of multichannel functionality restricts your Customer Engagement opportunities
  • Limited reporting capabilities don’t allow for in-depth insights into customer needs
  • Disjointed business processes create a disjointed customer view
  • Lack of automation capabilities slows down the response times of your customer support team

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an end-to-end Customer Relationship Management software designed to help businesses engage customers across all channels with bespoke experiences tailored to their expectations. Using built-in analytics and AI automation, the Dynamics 365 CRM empowers your agents to quickly deliver personalised services and dramatically increases brand loyalty. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the innovative solution you need! By bringing your Sales Management software up-to-date with modern digital applications you can streamline your processes and gain valuable customer insights which help you increase revenue and identify opportunities for commercial growth.

The perfect match for your Customer Service software needs

Dynamics365 Providers help you empower team members across all departments of the company to improve your brand’s personalised customer service using insights relevant to their role.

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    Our team has years of experience in matchmaking businesses with highly qualified partners from our network who specialise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We’ll find the best partner for you based on your unique customer support software requirements.

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    We offer guidance and support to make sure the customer database software solution you choose enables you to transform your customer support through smarter insights, increased agility and automated business processes.

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    Our specialist Business Software Consultants will advise you on how best to future-proof your business with the Dynamics 365 Customer Service app, whether you have Customer Management Software that doesn’t do it for your business anymore, or you’re a first-time buyer of Microsoft Customer Service solutions.

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Blaize Marshall-Purves Microsoft Business Software Consultant Call: +44 (0) 1443 803 713 Find a partner

The best Customer Service software for Small Business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to provide SMEs with the same quality of Customer Management Software that larger companies invest in. Featuring advanced automation capabilities and unified customer views, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is the perfect customer database software for small businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service pricing

Having identified the right solution for your business, it’s now time to understand the minimum investment required for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Costs for a Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Professional license costs £37.70 per user/per month, while Enterprise Edition licenses, containing advanced customer service software functionalities, costs £71.60 per user/per month.

Support charges and service costs for your preferred Dynamics 365 partner will vary and should be considered alongside your license costs.

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How Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps brands provide fast and effective customer service

Customer Management Software built to transform your services with intelligent insights

Faster, more personalised interactions

The next-generation Dynamics 365 Customer Service software utilises artificial intelligence tools to provide a complete customer view for individual in your client base, allowing you to create a more personalised service.

Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can tailor customer interactions across all touch-points and ensure you are delivering added value by anticipating customer needs and adjusting communications accordingly. This way you’re creating positive customer experiences across all devices, streamlining your clients’ journey and meeting their high expectations.

Learn from every customer interaction with intelligent insights

Microsoft’s Customer Management Software also comes with built-in intelligence which allows all your team members to access valuable customer insights relevant to their role and use the relevant data to transform your service offering. This way everyone can contribute to improving your customer support and making a positive impact on the business.

The predictive customer care included in Dynamics 365 CRM empowers you to keep your client base happy by both minimising the amount of issues that arise and speeding up support response times in case a problem does arise. Being able to preempt the need for customer service will also reduce your business costs and revolutionise your client relationships.

Drive innovation with AI automation

Through targeted analysis of key business data and actionable insights provided by AI, Microsoft Customer Service software allows you to improve your offering, transform your interactions with customers and capitalise on new business opportunities. With the help of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, your customer support team can reach your desired business outcomes through up-selling driven by machine learning and cross-selling recommendations.

Microsoft Customer Service Software and the benefits of Dynamics 365

Adapt to evolving customer expectations and build brand loyalty in a fast-paced digital environment

The innovative Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution comes with all the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application family, including:

Omni-channel Engagement

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can engage customers across any number of channels and from any device. By controlling all content from a unified platform, you can create a consistent experience which takes your customers through a seamless, personalised user journey.

The best Customer Service Software for small business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to provide SMEs with the same quality of Customer Management Software that larger companies invest in. Featuring advanced automation capabilities and unified customer views, Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the perfect customer database software for small businesses.

Self-Service Functionalities

The revolutionary Microsoft customer service software also allows you to target customers who prefer the self-service support model. You can create a searchable knowledge base which gives users the chance to find the answers they need on their own while also maintaining a branded, personalised customer service experience.

Fully optimised for mobile, the self-service functionalities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service also provide a seamless transition between self and assisted customer support.

Scalable Solutions

As part of the Dynamics 365 range, Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management software can be tailored to your business needs. Using Dynamics 365 Customer Service as a base, you can extend your platform with additional Dynamics 365 modules as your business grows. The intelligent customer support software can help you create a streamlined customer journey by connecting with apps such as:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 for Finance
  • Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management
  • Dynamics 365 for Project Operations
  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service Automation

Dynamics365 Providers can help you shape Dynamics 365 Customer Service to your CRM needs

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  • Faster, more personalised interactions
  • Learn from every customer interaction with intelligent insights
  • Drive innovation with AI automation

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