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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources – the Human Resource software your company needs

Source the right talent by harnessing the power of data and automation

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps optimise your recruitment process and retain employees

Get ahead in the competition for talent and combat staff engagement challenges

In today’s competitive market, finding the right talent for your business can be tricky, especially if you’re lacking the right tools. HR teams across all industries face similar challenges when it comes to effectively hiring and on-boarding candidates.

We know how important finding the right employees and allowing them to fully realise their potential is for all organisations. Outdated HR Management Software can negatively impact both your recruitment process and your ability to engage existing team members.

Do the following HR and Payroll Software challenges sound familiar?

  • Dated or missing security measures place your candidate data at risk and compromise your compliance
  • Lack of intelligent functionality keeps your HR team from using data to optimise the recruitment process
  • Disjointed talent attraction, hiring, on-boarding and retention processes hinder candidate experience and the efficiency of your staff
  • Limited scope for existing employees to realise their full potential due to missing automation functionality and human resources insight

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is an end-to-end HR and payroll software system which connects your company’s recruiting, applicant tracking, and employee on-boarding processes into a single, centralised app so you can easily win top talent and enable their continued success.

By connecting Office 365 with LinkedIn, Dynamics 365 HR allows your team to harness the power of data so they can improve both candidate and employee experience through intelligent insights.

In addition to helping your recruitment team create a smooth experience throughout the entire on-boarding process, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides a comprehensive overview of your staff performance, productivity and retention, which you can use to ensure all your employees reach their full potential and help your business grow.

The perfect match for your Human Resources needs

Dynamics365 Providers help empower your team to efficiently hire, onboard, and manage employees through a centralised HR system.

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    Our team has years of experience matchmaking businesses with highly qualified partners from our network who specialise in Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources. We’ll find the best partner for you based on your unique human resource software requirements.

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    We offer guidance and support to make sure the HR Management Software you choose enables you to transform your recruitment process through smarter insights, employee engagement and optimised performance.

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    Our specialist business software consultants will advise you on how best to future-proof your business with the Dynamics 365 Human Resources, whether you have an HR solution that doesn’t do it for your business anymore, or you’re a first-time buyer of Microsoft HR software

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Blaize Marshall-Purves Microsoft Business Software Consultant Call: +44 (0) 1443 803 713 Find a partner

How Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps companies revolutionise HR management

HR Solutions designed to transform your talent acquisition and retention. Whether you’ve outgrown outdated human resource software or are looking for your first ever HR management software solution, Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources is just the thing your company needs. This revolutionary Microsoft HR solution covers all three key areas:

Attracting New Talent

Amidst intense competition to recruit the right people, Dynamics 365 Human Resources is the tool you need to hire top talent. By pairing LinkedIn functionalities with the core capabilities of its Attract module, the next-generation Microsoft HR system allows your team to effectively engage with the right candidates, from sourcing to interviews and job offers.

With Dynamics 365 Human Resources you can also tailor your activities at each stage of the hiring experience so that managers, recruiters and interviewers can collaborate smoothly and successfully attract quality applicants.

Onboarding Candidates

Once you have recruited the right candidates, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps you set up your new employees for success. Using the Onboard module of the human resource software you can welcome new talent by allowing them to easily connect with the rest of the team and give them the tools to accelerate their progression.

The bespoke on-boarding guides available with Dynamics 365 HR are a great way to engage new hires and make them feel inspired in the new job. To make sure paperwork is completed on time and provide employees with a memorable first day experience, you can create a checklist of administrative tasks using free Microsoft HR on-boarding templates.

Managing Human Resources

Employing the right people and enabling them to perfect their performance using Dynamics 365 Human Resources also empowers you to drive operational excellence. Combining core HR solutions in one unified dashboard, Microsoft’s HR and Payroll Software allows you to streamline your operations and create an agile, high-performance culture.

Using the real-time performance insights built into the Core HR module of the innovative Microsoft HR Management Software, you can track employee achievements, provide relevant feedback and turn the data into actionable insights which help optimise workforce costs and deliver business impact

Microsoft Human Resources solutions and the benefits of Dynamics 365

Centralise data and nurture high performers

The innovative Microsoft HR software solution comes with all the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application family, including:

LinkedIn Integration

Expanding on its mission to help you attract and retain the best talent for your business, Dynamics 365 Human Resources seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn to create a comprehensive view of the top candidates for your organisation.

Leveraging the power of an expansive professional network, the innovative Microsoft HR system saves your recruitment team time and allows them to build a better candidate pipeline by using real-time LinkedIn profile information to build candidate profiles

Embedded Business Intelligence

The reporting capabilities built into Dynamics 365 Human Resources allow your HR team to harness the power of data and create a high-performance company culture. With the help of people analytics and interactive, visual dashboards, you can easily access real-time employee performance information and insights which can be used to optimise business operations.

Automated Business Processes

The automation of routine daily tasks is another key benefit of all Dynamics 365 applications. Using the next-generation Microsoft HR software you can free up time for your HR team to focus on the human element by automating payroll programs, leave management and benefit management.

You can also harness the power of automation built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources to streamline your recruitment process – functionality such as simplified feedback and automatic scheduling are designed to provide your hiring managers with real time updates on every stage of the candidate journey so they can make informed decisions.

Dynamics365 Providers can help you shape Dynamics 365 HR to your hiring and management needs

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