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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing – the powerful CRM tool your campaigns need

Optimise your lead generation process and create a seamless buyer journey

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing turns your leads into connections

Helping you nurture more sales-ready leads

Finding and converting quality leads is one of the biggest challenges businesses face in today’s busy marketplace. Due to this, if your marketing department is lacking the tools to efficiently discover and nurture sales-ready leads through targeted campaigns, your marketing software might be generating more trouble than actual Return On Investment.

Sound familiar – How many of these roadblocks do you currently encounter with your marketing management software?

  • Basic email marketing tools lack more sophisticated functionality
  • Lack of automation hindering the productivity of your marketing team
  • Disconnected sales, marketing and service processes are reflected by patchy buyer journey
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities are lacking or limited, keeping you from making smarter marketing decisions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the intelligent CRM Marketing solution you need! By boosting your Marketing Management software with powerful Customer Insight tools and automating campaigns, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing helps you optimise lead quality and convert prospects into loyal customers.

The perfect solution for your Marketing woes

Dynamics365 Providers help create a seamless customer journey and grow conversions

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    Our team has years of experience matchmaking businesses with highly qualified partners from our network who specialise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. We’ll find the best partner for you based on your unique business requirements.

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    We offer guidance and support to make sure the next generation CRM Marketing solution you choose helps you generate more leads, optimise campaigns and make more insightful business decisions.

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    Our specialist Business Software Consultants will advise you on how best to future-proof your business with the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing stack of functionalities, regardless of whether you have outgrown your CRM, or you’re a first-time buyer of Marketing Management software.

Blaize Marshall-Purves
Blaize Marshall-Purves Microsoft Business Software Consultant Call: +44 (0) 1443 803 713 Find a partner

Marketing software for small business

We believe that small businesses will benefit from integrating Dynamics 365 for Marketing just as much as larger companies. Featuring intelligent customer insights, advanced personalisation and multichannel campaign functionality, the Dynamics 365 solution is the perfect marketing software for small business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing pricing

Having identified the right solution for your business, it’s now time to understand the minimum investment required for your Microsoft Marketing solution.

Costs for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing start at £565.60.

Support charges and service costs for your preferred Dynamics 365 Partner will vary and should be considered alongside your license costs.

How Dynamics 365 Marketing helps your team maximise marketing results

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Management software will revolutionise your Customer Relationships

Make smarter decisions with advanced customer intelligence

Designed as a revolutionary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing gives you the power to use data such as purchase history, past interactions and customer demographics to create personalised offers fine-tuned to individual visitors.

With the help of 360-degree lead insights, marketers can build a more in-depth understanding of who their customers are and tailor their customer journey based on buying habits. What’s more, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing functionality allows companies to increase their revenue by prioritising quality leads using sales readiness goals and lead scoring models.

Personalise messaging & build brand loyalty

Microsoft’s cutting edge marketing software uses built-in analytics and customer intelligence functionality to help you curate campaigns and target the right audiences. In addition to increasing profits by converting more leads, using real-time information to create tailored, timely messages helps marketers build long-term business relationships with customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables you to become more proactive as a company by anticipating customer needs and creating communications that reflect your unique insights. Think personalised interaction at every touchpoint – from emails to entire landing pages, fine-tuned to provide every prospect with content they’ll find engaging and that drives conversion.

Expand your marketing campaigns across different channels

Once you’ve delved deep into your customer insights and created tailored messaging, it’s time to spread the word! Packed full of campaign functionality, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows you to attract more leads by running multichannel campaigns. User-friendly design tools and configurable templates let you build landing pages, surveys and emails that tie in easily with coordinated campaigns.

In addition to converting customers through their preferred channel, Microsoft Dynamics’ Marketing Management software gives you the option to integrate your LinkedIn account, so you can fine-tune lead targeting and maximise ROI. All these powerful functionalities are also backed up by automated workflows and real-time overview of campaign results.

Microsoft Marketing and the benefits of Dynamics 365

Transform your digital marketing and capture quality leads using data-powered insights. Designed to break down the silos between CRM, Microsoft Marketing comes with all the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application family, including:

Increased productivity

As part of Microsoft’s big family, the Marketing software shares the familiar look and feel of Office 365 and allows you to use familiar tool such as Word, Excel and SharePoint to create marketing documents, analyse data and collaborate with colleagues.

The intelligent insights embedded into Microsoft Dynamics Marketing add an extra productivity boost to your marketing activities by helping your staff prioritise leads more effectively, personalise customer engagement and fine-tune their audience targeting.

Joined up Sales & Marketing

You can create a connected buyer journey by uniting leads, contacts and customers data under one comprehensive customer view while also keeping it in the family when you integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales with Microsoft’s Marketing software.

Aligning your Sales and Marketing activities allows you to easily access key information in real time so you can deliver better quality customer service, increase conversions and confidently make important business decisions.

Simplified Event Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes equipped with a fully responsive events portal designed to help marketers easily organise events, attract attendees and deliver an exceptional event experience.

The built-in and user-friendly portal allows customers and prospects to register only for events completely hassle free. Marketers can then use the marketing software tool to manage attendee registrations, speakers and venue logistics as well as send automated communications to new sign ups.

What’s more, the event management functionality of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing allows your team to review attendance history of past events and use the data to strengthen existing relationships, win more new business and generate even more leads.

Dynamics365 Providers can help you shape Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing to your business requirements

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  • Advanced customer intelligence which helps you make smarter decisions
  • Personalised messaging that increases conversions and builds brand loyalty
  • Multichannel marketing campaigns for greater reach and improved buyer journey

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Blaize Marshall-Purves